The Hidden World of Law Libraries


That was the title of the presentation Brenda and I did at the Ontario Library Association’s 2014 Superconference. Dana Schwarz, of the Ontario Association of Library Technicians kindly invited us to appear way back in June 2013 (they really plan a long time in advance!). At the time, Brenda was still living in Toronto and working at McMillan LLP, but by the time the conference came around she had moved to rural Saskatchewan! However, thanks to technology, we co-ordinated our work, although we didn’t actually practice together until arriving in Toronto the day before the conference.

This conference is aimed at public library and school library staff, so we based our presentation on providing information for those wishing to transition to a law library. We outlined the skills needed, the opportunities available, and described some of the situations we’ve run in to personally. I’ve attached the paper we wrote, which gives all the facts (but has none of the personality) of our talk.

What I liked most about doing this was how comfortable it was. When you know your topic as intimately as I do this one, it’s very easy to do. It was like having a conversation with some friends, talking about my job, with no interruptions 😉

I’ll be appearing at another conference later this spring, the Manitoba Libraries Conference. I’m on a panel with several other library technicians talking about “what you can do with a library technician diploma”. Eventually, I’m going to have to learn to talk about something else!

~ Karen

Hidden World of Law Libraries – Paper


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  1. Nice recap Karen. And I am sharing some tips for others who want to learn to be more comfortable at presenting like where comfy shoes so you can feel grounded and also smile it out and then you will feel relaxed to calm those pre-talk jitters. Awesome video on why it’s helpful.

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