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A few weeks ago I was thinking about how professional associations can boost their membership. Admittedly there is a natural attrition rate, and people also have higher expectations wanting their associations to demonstrate value. Thought leader Gwynne Monahan said that often times the associations engage in push marketing with members as the group pushes out […]

I recently read that the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C. – American) is considering charging Netflix for violating the Regulation Fair Disclosure rule. This rule requires companies to inform all investors at the same time of news of material significance to the business. The reason behind the investigation? Netflix’s CEO had posted an update on Facebook […]

I am feeling burned by a combination of poor customer service and Web 2.0 technology. I signed up for a workshop with one of my professional associations. This group has dived into Web 2.0 in a big way, as I registered online for the workshop and paid with PayPal. Or so I thought, as the group took my […]

I’ve been at my law firm for 4 years now, and in that time I have made a point of stepping up and offering to do things that aren’t typical library functions. It’s mostly been things that interest me, and also help out the firm. Working in the private sector it’s a little easier to […]

Another confession from me: I love swag. (Stress balls are my weakness.) I’ve made fun of a lot of lame swag, and, to lawyers who coveted items they saw on my desk, I’ve traded cool swag for Starbucks coffee. Embarrassingly, I’ve even blogged about swag. In an industry where it’s ubiquitous, it’s hard not to think […]

As you can see from the badge proudly on display on the right, Library technician dialog was a finalist in the 2009 Canadian Law Blogs (or Clawbies) awards. Although the awards are given in fun, it’s still a great honour for Brenda and I to be recognized by our peers for our little rants! (Well, […]

As Karen posted a few days ago, it’s Clawbies season! Working on the ever-growing directory at has been one of my most enjoyable roles as a Stem-ployee, and I am always amazed at how active and dedicated the community of Canadian legal bloggers is. The sheer variety of subject matter and the quality of […]


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