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You need training for ebooks? It’s so easy to use. That is a typical response to researching with ebooks. This is not an article about leisure reading of ebooks. Fundamentally the process of studying or researching ebooks is a different process than leisure reading. Students and researchers need to annotate or add sticky notes to […]

The general consensus among participants (at International Federation of Library Associations meeting) was that public libraries have two, maybe three years to establish their relevance in the digital realm, or risk fading from the central place they have long occupied in the world’s literary culture. – Peter Brantley Brantley was a participant at talks ensuring […]

I’ve written in the past about how important I think it is to belong to a professional association. I have two favourites, the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL-ACBD), and SLA. One of the benefits of belonging to an association is the opportunity to serve, by getting involved in committees. I’m on the Vendor Liaison […]

I can’t remember what year I learned about Project Gutenberg, but I decided to see how active the digital library/archive is. And they are active supporting ebook formats for everything from PC, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, and Android devices with over 30,000 books. Each record in Gutenberg has QR codes and links to Twitter. […]