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IT is an industry that sees a fair amount of consulting work. As the library and information science field changes, perhaps there will be more librarians working as consultants too. I worked in such a capacity last year. It was a long held dream of mine to shape a project from the ground up. Then […]

What do I do?


What got me started on this post was this article from INALJ (I need a library job) called 5 Things That People Don’t Realize Their Librarians Do. This is my year for public speaking. I’m sitting on a panel of library technicians at the 2014 Manitoba Libraries Conference called “What can you do with a Library Technician Diploma?” There […]

Legal Information Specialists : A Guide to Launching and Building Your Career. General Editor: Annette L. Demers. LexisNexis Canada, 2012. xxiii, 217 p. ; ISBN: 9780433468875, $75.00 At the CALL 2012 conference in Toronto this May, all attendees received a copy of this book. At the time, I glanced at it, and then set it aside, […]

I need a good elevator speech about my non reference role in a law library. Surprisingly that was one of my outcomes from attending a discussion called Alternative Careers in Information organized by the Canadian Association of Special Libraries and Information Services, part of Canadian Libraries Association. Cathy Lindsey-King, Erica Sum and Jennifer Stein challenged […]

My Slaw post got reposted on the SLA Future Ready 365 blog! Brenda and I have been blogging for a couple of years, and this is the first time that one of our posts was picked up in full. That’s the power of social media in getting yourself known. I’ve also started a new job at […]

Maggie Weaver gave a presentation to the local chapter of Ontario Association of Library Technicians about “Developing Your Own Professional Portfolio” on March 10. When I read the following workshop blurb, it really resonated with me: You can make your own luck when it comes to careers, not just by being in the right place […]