New job, New direction


There has been some dramatic changes in our lives lately. We moved from a busy urban environment to life in a small town in Saskatchewan. In the mean time, I was at a crossroads wondering if my career would be more in social media or in libraries. It looks the the tug of libraries won, as I am the new librarian at the local school.

What made me stand out was my experience with social media tools, like Twitter and this blog. I also felt confident about speaking and communicating with people as I had come back from giving a presentation on law libraries at Ontario Library Conference. I will be doing everything from managing the library’s web site to promoting digital literacy to kids in middle school. The common threads are organizing information and teaching skills to evaluate information. I thought a lot about my transferable experience and ways to demonstrate how I was a good fit. As always, marketing the library and reaching out to kids, teachers and other clients will form an important part of both relationship building and promoting the library itself.

If you are looking for a library career, I found great resources at both Library Career People and INALJ or I Need a Library Job.

– Brenda


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  1. 1 Karen Sawatzky

    So glad you landed on your feet, and in rural Saskatchewan no less! Looking forward to hearing more about your new position.

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