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Brenda and I are both big supporters of life-long learning. Brenda recently wrote about a copyright course she took, and I’m in the middle of a course in Adult Learning Strategies for Information Professionals, taught by Rebecca Jones of Dysart & Jones. (I imagine Rebecca would prefer to say she is “facilitating” this course, rather […]



I hate Powerpoint presentations normally, when I am researching for legal topics from seminars for lawyers. But my manager Katharine Thompson has been experimenting with PechaKucha, which takes advantage of PowerPoint’s strengths. It is an effective use of PowerPoint slides with 1 image per theme or thought. The format consists of 20 slides shown in 6 minutes […]

My colleague, Emma, who blogs at Ballad in Plain E, brought up an interesting point regarding law library staff in Winnipeg. Coming from a firm in Vancouver, which is about the same size as my firm, she is surprised at how few library staff there are here. Her old firm had both a librarian and a […]

There’s been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere lately on the role of law schools in preparing students for the actual work of a lawyer. I pay attention to this, since I help develop the research skills of law students and new associates. Two recent posts caught my attention, for their similar yet divergent viewpoints. Jordan […]