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Brenda and I are both big supporters of life-long learning. Brenda recently wrote about a copyright course she took, and I’m in the middle of a course in Adult Learning Strategies for Information Professionals, taught by Rebecca Jones of Dysart & Jones. (I imagine Rebecca would prefer to say she is “facilitating” this course, rather […]

Not unlike access to information, information literacy is a bread-and-butter issue for librarians. But how do teachers and other professionals define and engage literacy promotion in their classrooms? Teachers Heidi Clark and Anita Bramhoff begin the conversation in their video in What Does it Mean to be Literate in the 21st Century? (Disclaimer as Heidi […]

Last September, Melanie Bueckert, Legal Research Counsel at the Manitoba Court of Appeal, (and occasional Slaw contributor), saw a reference to the Head-Start Program offered by the Edmonton Law Libraries Association (ELLA). As a law librarian in a small market, I was both aware and envious of the program and the association that presented it. […]

There’s been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere lately on the role of law schools in preparing students for the actual work of a lawyer. I pay attention to this, since I¬†help develop the research skills of law students and new associates. Two recent posts caught my attention, for their similar yet¬†divergent viewpoints. Jordan […]