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Libraries have a duty to preserve information as well as provide access to current information. The largest ones – academic, courthouse, the National Library – are seen by smaller libraries as the “library of last resort”. What happens when these institutions cut their collections? I’ve watched the Manitoba Great Library and the University of Manitoba […]

Last week I wrote about the potential game-changer ebooks could become in law library collections. Part of my motivation to write about that was another development that I knew was in the works. Librarians have become very adept at finding ways to get what their patrons need. A huge part of a law library’s collection is the […]

As always in the hoopla and hype about new generation of e-readers, the discussion of content has been neglected. I also imagine the future like Karen, and I want to see more enriched content in e-books. As a kid I loved the Anne of Green Gables books, and in my perfect e-book there would be […]

Here is some advance word on updated legal research treatises. The book Legal problem solving: research, reasoning & writing by Maureen F. Fitzgerald will get a revamp. The new edition will be updated by Susan Barker, Nancy McCormack, John Papadopoulos and Catherine Cotter , according to my sources. The last edition was published in 2007. (June […]