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Back to school


I recently did a presentation for the Marketing class in the library and information technology program at Red River College. I’m not the only library technician speaking to students:¬†Shaunna Mireau’s post on Slaw references her visit to Grant MacEwan University. It’s great to have an opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with students. I […]

One of the reasons I left my previous firm was to take on new challenges. I wanted to create and deliver workshops, do more in-depth research, and develop a more aggressive current awareness program. I’ve made headway on the latter two, and now I’m working on a legal research refresher. Last fall I took a […]

I was scheduled to give a brief report for the annual general meeting of the association, but I chickened out. I just hate speaking in front of groups, like many people. It takes practice to appear effortless and natural. I had planned to join Toastmasters, but clearly it was not high priority. I know that […]

Public Speaking


I usually agree with Seth Godin, but I think he is ignoring the value of strong narratives in giving a great presentation and distillation of the message to its core. Respect is an element, if you are a known commodity. But what if you are mid career Jane Smith and you are thrown into given […]