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I often think about my special library experience, which has parallels to school libraries. Recently I discussed the pros and cons of satellite libraries, as I was thinking of rural school libraries without full time staff. Elizabeth Nelson wrote  “Learning from Public and School Librarians” in Information Outlook Vol. 15 No. 3 April/May 2011 issue […]

Public libraries are like mom and apple pie. They are a good thing and a concept we all hold dear. But what are the hard numbers about how people use the library or how much they support the public library? Over at the M Word blog, Kathy Dempsey posted on’s infographic about exactly these […]

It has been a good news/bad news scenario for Jane Doe in California. If you live in Palo Alto, you could pop into a patient health library and get some accurate info instead of trawling around the Internet to find out possible claims about goji berries and their efficacy. The wow factor is that this […]