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I like it when a workshop lives up to it’s billing as Rick Sage‘s Insider’s Guide to the Ontario Legislative Process did on January 26, 2012. It was part of the Toronto Association of Law Libraries’ Lunch and Learn series. Sage gave a highly entertaining and informative overview of the legislative process. As I don’t delve […]

One of the reasons I left my previous firm was to take on new challenges. I wanted to create and deliver workshops, do more in-depth research, and develop a more aggressive current awareness program. I’ve made headway on the latter two, and now I’m working on a legal research refresher. Last fall I took a […]

My new post on Slaw is up. I went very traditional and easy, and reviewed the latest flurry of activity in the Manitoba legislature. I consider Slaw an opportunity for me to inform the rest of the country what’s happening here, as you sure don’t get it from the “national” press! Following legislation is a […]

My latest column on Legal Information is up at Slaw. Hope you enjoy my ramblings on the impact factor and information overload. ~ Karen

I am presenting highlights of the Research Overview of US Law Research session by Jeanette Bosschart, Great Library, Law Society of  Upper Canada and Clare Mauro, Torys, on September 16, 2010. It was refreshing to hear Bosschart talk about reasons that US law initially can fall outside the comfort zone of Canadian law librarians, as […]

Here is some advance word on updated legal research treatises. The book Legal problem solving: research, reasoning & writing by Maureen F. Fitzgerald will get a revamp. The new edition will be updated by Susan Barker, Nancy McCormack, John Papadopoulos and Catherine Cotter , according to my sources. The last edition was published in 2007. (June […]

When I ran a law library, I would regularly be asked for historical legislative research. Depending on the date of the statute, I would either go to print volumes or Quicklaw. Today I would add CanLII to my toolkit, as it has added RSS feeds for noting up legislation, as well as point in time […]