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Different types of libraries provide different types of service. Public libraries help patrons find things; academic libraries teach students how to do the finding themselves. Working in a private firm library, I tailor the service I provide to the client: articling students and junior associates get shown how to find things, while senior partners get what they ask […]

When I talk to colleagues in public or academic libraries, I’m often dismayed to hear how they’re struggling to hold onto their jobs. Academic libraries are having their budgets cut drastically to deal with university deficits. Granted, some public libraries are thriving, but others are wondering whether they will lose funding due to pressure on municipalities to […]

I’m fortunate to live in a province that hasn’t been too badly hit by the current recession, (which I am reluctant to say is over, despite Prime Minister Harper’s announcement). And even though I have a reasonably secure private library, I still pay close attention to articles on librarians and vendors, particularly if the focus is […]

I just came across this post from Mary Abraham (Above and Beyond KM) which references another writer I mention a lot, Seth Godin. The original post by Seth caught my eye, but it wasn’t until Mary went into more depth with it, that I got a full sense of the value of it. I agonize a lot over […]

I blew it. Yesterday, amidst some “retail therapy”, I behaved churlishly (don’t you love that word!) to a lowly sales rep. Yes, their display was misleading, putting sale items with full price items, but they are people too, and there’s no need to be rude. Besides, in the big scheme of life, the universe and […]