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Last week I wrote about the potential game-changer ebooks could become in law library collections. Part of my motivation to write about that was another development that I knew was in the works. Librarians have become very adept at finding ways to get what their patrons need. A huge part of a law library’s collection is the […]

I was scheduled to give a brief report for the annual general meeting of the association, but I chickened out. I just hate speaking in front of groups, like many people. It takes practice to appear effortless and natural. I had planned to join Toastmasters, but clearly it was not high priority. I know that […]



SLA 2009 Conference Round-up Too often we get wrapped up in work and forget the joy of work. Stephen Abram challenged a group of librarians to incorporate playing into our work day at the conference session, “Play: Creative Tools for the Technical Librarian.” He said that he was almost 50 years old before he gave […]