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I volunteer a lot. I realize events don’t happen without volunteers, and if I’m participating in something, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to try to make it memorable for me. So if I can, I try to help out. I also run. I’m rehabbing right now, so instead of signing up for […]

This month Ted Tjaden is leaving our library team. He is the National Director but he is so much more. He has inspired and mentored many librarians. His door is always open to talk about knowledge management or library trends to others. My first experience with Ted was by reputation, when he was promoting his […]

Last week I wrote about the potential game-changer ebooks could become in law library collections. Part of my motivation to write about that was another development that I knew was in the works. Librarians have become very adept at finding ways to get what their patrons need. A huge part of a law library’s collection is the […]

The days of manuals are long gone. Some random observations of teaching adults are that they learn best by doing, not watching. Showing a busy professional how to get information, if her secretary is away, is a real life application which will resonate with them. Lastly adults are different learners than kids because they are […]

My last post was about how I am trying to create a knowledge management strategy in my position at a new firm. I’ve been at Tapper Cuddy LLP since the middle of March, and I am slowly getting to know the firm members and the contents of the library. One of the comments my column received […]

My Slaw post got reposted on the SLA Future Ready 365 blog! Brenda and I have been blogging for a couple of years, and this is the first time that one of our posts was picked up in full. That’s the power of social media in getting yourself known. I’ve also started a new job at […]

I was directed to this series of posts via @rebeccajonesgal on Twitter: Susan Lipsey on Knowledge Professionals. Part 1 is titled “Do our clients know who we are?” Part 2 is: “Defining our Value”. Part 3 is Measuring our Performance and Part 4 is Good Enough? I like how Susan focuses on relationship-building as opposed […]