Librarian as consultant


IT is an industry that sees a fair amount of consulting work. As the library and information science field changes, perhaps there will be more librarians working as consultants too. I worked in such a capacity last year. It was a long held dream of mine to shape a project from the ground up.

Then I was recruited to consult for a mid sized law firm through my Linked In contacts. Initially the scope of the job was based on training and moving books. It grew into a lot more after some negotiations and discussion on skills that I brought to the table. One of the unexpectedly gratifying things  about acting as a consultant is achieving practical solutions. You come in with a specific responsibility and all your energy is targeted to get the job done.

The flexibility in scheduling work is also attractive to many people. It worked out for me to have a side job, when I had some down time. Control over a work schedule can also be a deciding factor for a female professional juggling family and work responsibilities.

I also got to travel and visit another city while consulting. This may be a another key factor for some people to take up the opportunities.

A potential down side of consulting work is that there is little chance to develop loyalty  to the company. As a consultant you are a hired gun on the outskirts of corporate culture. The role is great for seeing projects executed, but not for developing long term strategy as a department head.

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