Goodbye Twitter

More and more I don’t see the value in my Twitter feed. Admittedly my followers reflect the nature of my tweets, because my life and career have zigged and zagged all over the map in the recent past. My tweets are posted randomly, but they are substantial in content as I was taught to carefully consider what I say before I say it.
My stats in this venerable social media channel:
Over 1,200 posts
Joined since 2007
Following 160
Twitter was a cool thing and great for real time conversation when it started. My frustration is echoed by others as there was too much to chatter. It was like a haiku challenge to condense my words into a 140 characters.
Alert to Twitter writers: Topics is an app from Tweetbot so one doesn’t have to have a twitter storms  of posts marked 1/5  …2/5…3/5. Read more at Tweetbot
I enjoyed trying to craft meaningful #hashtags. There is considerable thoughtfulness and wordplay in formulating some of them. I can’t say I mastered it. But I see them carried over to Facebook and Instagram now.
But the catalyst for change was a non-pattern emerging from my followers. The last 3 followers was a healthcare professional, skincare marketer, and random girl who professes to be a friendly tv specialist and beer evangelist.
Twitter is trying to reinvent itself and it will need to carve out a continuing reason to exist. Another change is the interface called Moments, which displays trending news as discrete boxes. It reminds me of hockey cards with blurbs. This clean interface is the way of the world.
As in many shiny toys, Twitter no longer fulfills the same information need for me. Facebook is all encompassing and one can get trending news there. Instagram is fun for its real time photos.
As of today my account is deleted. (Oh yes, Twitter claims it will take 30 days to deactivate my account and that it can still be indexed by search engines. I am in wait-and-see mode.)
Goodbye Twitter and hello to new forms of social media chatter.
– Brenda

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