Bulk Book Buying


As the cliché goes, it is fun to spend other people’s money. Next week I will be going to Saskatoon for a massive book buying trip as directed by the school division. It is an annual practice for a library technician and a teacher representative from each school go on a purchasing spree in the fall. It is a new experience for me as well as dealing with purchase orders.

I laugh at my own foibles as I want to be both prepared and leave room for the spontaneity of browsing. My strategy is admittedly a strange hybrid of lists of needs to replace tattered copies or wants of new authors, or interests as well as consulting and talking to other teachers and students about what they want.

If Karen were in my shoes, she might choose the more spontaneous approach. My standard strategy has been “defensive pessimism” or preparing and planning when faced with anxiety-inducing situation. I saw myself a lot in the Upside of Pessimism article, but immediately thought of Karen, when I read a version that procrastination is the opposite response of people, who tend to think more positively. So there is always time tomorrow to complete that project. Neither way is better than the other but just reflects the person’s view of the world.

Sometimes my inner critic becomes overwhelming and I need to step back and focus at the main outcome, as well as say “what is the worst thing that could happen.” This self talk calms me down. Anyhow I have a good problem when budgets shrink elsewhere or there is lack of support for the library. Running to Saskatoon…

– Brenda


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