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The world of school libraries is different than corporate libraries. A lot of my time is spent considering how to engage students in leisure reading, and leading into teachable moments. This week our school hosted James Leck in an author visit.  For me I learned about the publishing process and found out both Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Joy of Cooking  were self-publishing success stories. (Pardon the pun.)

But for a student, it was connecting the classroom to the real world. Things like spelling and punctuation count. There was an audible gasp in the group, when Leck gave example of how poor use of English language could jeopardize one’s success.

He outlined how a book becomes printed from book proposal to editing. A one page outline plus a sample of the book are sent on speculation to publishers. This slush pile can become quite huge. Editors will only read page proposals out of the thousands of packages they get.  If there are spelling or other mistakes, then they get shredded — so no second chances and things must be perfect!  It was one of those a-ha moments, when school and real world connect, clearly demonstrating that school work is not just theoretical.

On an unrelated note, author visits take a lot of planning, but are entirely worthwhile as a way to spice up your library programming, while promoting reading and libraries ultimately. The students saw a live author in action appreciating the laborious work that goes on in the background. It is so true that good writing is 80% re-writing and published authors just plug away at their craft.

Thanks to TD Canadian Children’s Book Week, coordinator Arwen Rudolph, and James Leck.

– Brenda

Author visit

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