Raise a Reader


I know two toddlers that could not be more different. Rick’s mom is not a reader and finds “mom and tot” programs boring at the library. When I play with him, he is engaged but he doesn’t verbalize a lot. Things don’t bode well for his language development.  The other baby is Marie, who is developmentally about average. She can say “Bye. See you.” If you pull out a book, she is all over it and wants to sit for a reading.

So many people underestimate the early engagement of developing readers. There are great ideas in the link about How to Raise a Reader. Personally we always read in the family as I grew up. I also went regularly to the public library as a child. My uncle also bought me a book focusing on science and ramps. I learned a whole world was waiting for me inside a small  book. Let’s hope that little Rick has the same chance to discover of other worlds.

– Brenda


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  1. 1 Karen Sawatzky

    As parents, we are our children’s biggest and most important role model. I remember when my son first learned to read, he started realizing what all the “words” on signs meant, and I realized how vital literacy is not just to succeeding in life, but in being able to cope on a day to day basis.

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