It’s Clawbie time!


Ah, the end of the year, and it’s time to nominate my favourite law blogs for a Clawbie. But before I do, a few musings on the writing form of blogging. Has it become passé? I know I have posted much less this year than normal years, fearing I have nothing left to say. And yet others, like Erik Magraken, continue to put out worthwhile content including adding new media like video.

Well, I still read blogs even if I don’t write. What’s recently come to my attention is Marie Grace Cannon’s blog. While not specifically legal, it is described as “a personal blog by a new professional in the legal library and information world”. It’s also based in the U.K., so when she blogs about conferences, such as the BIALL conference, I get a perspective and information I wouldn’t get here.

Another one of my favourites, and a runner-up last year, is On Firmer Ground, a collaboration of authors from a global cornucopia of law library associations. Every post leaves me thinking either “I should do that too”, or “that’s really valuable to know”.

While not a blog per se (ooh, I just had to throw in a legal term), I’d also like to nominate Eugene Meehan’s Supreme Advocacy e-Newsletter. I look forward to receiving this every Thursday. With superb commentary on the latest SCC decisions (with the occasional Eugene witticism thrown in to make sure we’re really reading it all) and the folksy charm of “The Last Word”, it makes for a “must-read” Thursday morning.

This has to be the first time I’ve actually got this out on time. Usually I see the announcement for nominations, think “I’ve got to write something about that”, and then wait until the day after nominations close to get mine in. Well, it’s never too late to change! Thanks to all those who continue to write content that I am happy to read, and keep me up to date on the latest legal information.

~ Karen


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  1. 1 Brenda Wong

    Great minds think alike and thanks for this post. As I am thinking about Knowledge Management these days, I am vowing to read Above and Beyond KM regularly.

    And props to Erik Magraken that is stepping up his game with Youtube videos.

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