Thoughts on Internet Voting


I am a digital teenager of sorts. I have had too many email accounts and remember Netscape. So John Gregory’s summary of Internet Voting Revisited resonated with me on a few levels. My knee jerk reaction was internet is good and democracy is good, so combine both and I am supporting internet voting right? Not so easy as I delved into it. Voting is an an anonymous transaction at one level after validating one’s identity. It is a different transaction than buying something as e-commerce transaction. This article highlights some internet voting issues. Also there have been some Canadian municipalities experimenting with internet voting with mixed results. Dean Smith of an electronic voting system company said flatly that he expected 5% voter turnout for an election. That is hardly an encouraging number given the cost and resources put into such a project. Maybe in the future there will be technological breakthroughs that will make internet voting a reality.

– Brenda


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