Reframing the Problem


Some time ago I read this article, “How Reframing a Problem Unlocks Innovation“, an adapted excerpt written by Tina Seelig from her book, InGenius  (HarperOne). I was struck by how relevant it was to libraries, and well, everything.

I’m always looking at ways to “reframe a problem”. I like the way she phrases that

Mastering the ability to reframe problems is an important tool for increasing your imagination.

I tend to think that I have no imagination, but it’s lurking there, underneath my fear of failure. Thinking of  situations from the point of view of the other person is invaluable in getting to a solution. Getting outside your comfort zone is another way to achieve this.

One of the first steps in creating a marketing plan is to think about who you are trying to reach. What type of language do you want to use, what form of media? All of these depend on who your target market is. Working in a law library my clients are intelligent, but time challenged. They want to know right off the bat how something is going to help them do their work more efficiently. My job is to help them reframe from thinking that training is a waste of time into thinking that if they spend a half hour now, they’ll save a half hour every day.

How are you reframing the problem in your life or work?

– Karen


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