Digital citizenship


Every where I turn people are talking about how to shape their online lives. I am going beyond reputation management and into the realm of “digital citizenship” here. What does it mean to to internet literate? There was an interesting Pew study on the most desirable skills for 2020. One of the striking ideas about fast information gathering blended with slower digestion and analysis of that information really resonated with me. Librarians have a role to play in this process. In a broader sense, I echo what Sarah Ludwig said about how librarians struggle “to teach copyright, fair use, effective communication, and privacy.” But it sometimes happens as a one-time lesson, or happens in a vacuum without real consequences. Ludwig shares some great practical ideas about how to effectively teach these ideas in an applied real world way.

Although I love the internet, I can understand the impulse of similar people wanting to be together. Another post by Danah Boyd talks about how college kids use Facebook to screen their roommates and acquaintainces before they set foot on campus. I am not as old to suggest that I would not have done the same, but then I would not have met my best friend. She lived in the suburbs and I was inner city kid with different experiences. I am pretty sure she would have screened me out if there was Facebook back in the day. And our lives would be less richer for it.

– Brenda


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