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You need training for ebooks? It’s so easy to use. That is a typical response to researching with ebooks. This is not an article about leisure reading of ebooks. Fundamentally the process of studying or researching ebooks is a different process than leisure reading. Students and researchers need to annotate or add sticky notes to […]

Computers in Libraries (CIL2013) is one of those conferences that I’ve always wanted to go to, but will probably never get to. View the archives of posts  here. I especially liked Metrics, Value and Funding with Rebecca Jones (from Dysart Jones) and Moe Hosseini-Ara (Markham Public Library). You can follow them on Twitter by either following @LibConf or the […]

Every where I turn people are talking about how to shape their online lives. I am going beyond reputation management and into the realm of “digital citizenship” here. What does it mean to to internet literate? There was an interesting Pew study on the most desirable skills for 2020. One of the striking ideas about […]