Elevator Pitch : The Process


As in many things in life, there is a process and a lot of homework involved in preparing a perfectly persuasive elevator pitch. Then it involves distilling the message down. I was impressed by the resources pulled together at Dysart & Jones. I can see the value of practicing lots, and targeting different audiences as good prep for job interviews or even building a business case for a new project.

And again to reiterate that practice and more practice will build confidence.

Remember the first rule of sales: ABC (Always Be Closing). Give your elevator speech to everyone — at family gatherings, in the waiting room of the dentist, at coffee hour at your church or temple. (How to Perfect an Elevator Pitch About Yourself – Harvard Business Review, May  4, 2009)

Some people are better public speakers than others, but we can all benefit from some preparation and practice to come up to a base level. It may land you that great job!

– Brenda Wong


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