Not What You Do But Who Knows It


I was reminded of the conflicts in the workplace and the ever increasing need to market your role to the library and within the framework of the company. Are you seen as the shushing librarian? Or keeper of musty books? Or are you the Internet wiz kid with all the answers? I am being extreme but how we are perceived by our peers, staff, and the C-suite are all tied together by this blog post.

There are likely more introverts in librarianship than other professions, so we have the tension of defending our value proposition to others in the organization. With a start of a new year these provocative questions can kick start initiatives that will raise profile and add value to your organization or company. The post suggests that job security is ensured through role clarity but demonstrating value so if you are not there, then you will be missed is another minimal indicator level of one’s effectiveness.

Karen is a big proponent of analyzing the org chart to see where the librarian fits in. It is a good indicator of one’s perceived value to the company.

– Brenda


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