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I was reminded of the conflicts in the workplace and the ever increasing need to market your role to the library and within the framework of the company. Are you seen as the shushing librarian? Or keeper of musty books? Or are you the Internet wiz kid with all the answers? I am being extreme […]

This is the first year in several that I didn’t get my picks for the Clawbie Awards out. Steve Matthews got notification out in plenty of time (beginning of December!) and I even had my sugggestions ready in my head (On Firmer Ground! Administrative Law Matters!) but before I knew it, the end of the year […]

One of my pet projects is to repurpose a wooden bureau. I would find a piece, strip down its many layers of paint, swap out the handles and voila…I would have a new thing that I made. This came to mind when I researched what was happening with “maker culture” in public libraries. People already […]