What IS the role of the library?


I was at an advisory board meeting yesterday, when we were asked how library work has changed in our time in the industry. There was discussion of the way technology has taken over, and print isn’t as popular as it was, etc. I listened to the others and thought, “That doesn’t describe my library”.  Then I read this article titled “The Changing Library” from the University of British Columbia’s alumni magazine (h/t Dawn Bassett).  Here’s a library that saw that change was coming and took advantage of it.

My favourite quote is:

We do not define ourselves by the materials we provide,” says Meyers, “but by what we do with and around our materials to make our communities better places.

A library is not a “museum for books”, but a place to connect information with information seekers. In a world where libraries are on the chopping block, how refreshing to see how it can be reinvented.

~ Karen


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