Social Media and the S.E.C.


I recently read that the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C. – American) is considering charging Netflix for violating the Regulation Fair Disclosure rule. This rule requires companies to inform all investors at the same time of news of material significance to the business. The reason behind the investigation? Netflix’s CEO had posted an update on Facebook congratulating his team for their great work.

I’m very involved with social media. On top of my own blogging and tweeting, I tweet on behalf of a couple of organizations, and I run a couple of LinkedIn company pages. Before I submit an update, I pause and think about who might see it (less so on my personal accounts). But I would never think that a simple congratulations would be suspect. While it’s unlikely I’d even have information that may cause a regulatory board to look askance at my organization, I will be thinking about how this may affect me.

I shall now have to rethink what I post on behalf of others.

~ Karen


One Response to “Social Media and the S.E.C.”

  1. I have not heard about this development. Too bad as it makes social less casual and social. Such a stance will make people think twice and makes social media potentially more filtered.

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