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Ta-da! Score 1 point for the smartphone and the internet version 2012.  When I woke up to a blackout because of Super Storm Sandy, my phone really saved me. At home our internet service was down. A tweet let me know the extent of the blackout, and there was even a mashup map already set up before 8 […]

I was at an advisory board meeting yesterday, when we were asked how library work has changed in our time in the industry. There was discussion of the way technology has taken over, and print isn’t as popular as it was, etc. I listened to the others and thought, “That doesn’t describe my library”.  Then I […]

I recently read that the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C. – American) is considering charging Netflix for violating the Regulation Fair Disclosure rule. This rule requires companies to inform all investors at the same time of news of material significance to the business. The reason behind the investigation? Netflix’s CEO had posted an update on Facebook […]