Things to Know When Going Solo


I loved this guest post on Letters to a Young Librarian. It’s so true! Having worked as a solo for almost 9 years, I wouldn’t change it for anything, but it totally depends on the individual. Not everyone wants the responsibility for making all the decisions (right and wrong) on all aspects of your library, or the difficulty of having no library-type coworkers. There are simple ways to overcome the latter: as mentioned in the article, joining professional organizations, or reaching out to the other solos in your community – yes, there are more out there than you know!

I have developed all sorts of management skills in my library, except for supervising staff. The little supervision I have done has taught me I don’t like it! If I’m going to delegate a task, I expect it to be done with minimal instruction and great creativity. If not, then I might as well do it. Fortunately, I don’t see me having to develop those skills anytime in the near future 😉

I’d love to hear what others think of working solo or not.


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