Star librarians


In my reading I came across the Special Libraries Association awards for Rising Stars defined as outstanding SLA members with less than five years of experience in the information profession. One of the stars is Moy McIntosh who was honoured this year with the distinction. The cynical among our readers may ask what makes her special. McIntosh talks about her focused approach on finding work in corporate libraries. Yay! And she reiterates one of my themes of networking for job hunters. People love to share about their jobs and a friendly “Hi, I am looking for work or a new student. Can I get five minutes of your time to discuss your work?” is a fine opener for meaningful conversations.

– Brenda Wong


One Response to “Star librarians”

  1. 1 Moy McIntosh

    Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. I do believe networking is always a great idea, because you never know when you’ll make a new friend or get a lead on a job. Cheers – Moy

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