A CALL to arms


Wendy Reynolds, chair of the 2012 CALL conference, posted yesterday on Slaw about the need for support for the conference. The annual AGM and conference is the pinnacle for professional development for a lot of law librarians in Canada. We’re not large in numbers, but collectively we’re responsible for a significant amount of money. Legal publishers are our main source of support, but with the consolidation that has taken place in the publishing industry, we have to go farther afield for contributions.

As I’ve said  many times, professional development conferences are vital to library staff. Many of us work alone or in small groups, and need these opportunities to network and learn in larger groups. We need exposure to new ideas and different ways of doing things. And yes, we want to have some fun while we do it.

Library conferences are very focussed on the bottom line. Registration is kept as low as possible in order to attract attendees. The CALL conference costs a mere $500, and many attendees will be paying for a portion of that out of their own pocket just to make sure they will be there.

I hope Wendy’s call for help gets heard. There are a lot of small vendors who could benefit from having access to several hundred law librarians at once.

~ Karen


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