Hiring in rural libraries


A topic that we don’t often think about with 32% of the Canadian population using libraries in the hinterland. Rural libraries are likely underserved but hiring librarians in a rural setting is an important issue ensuring equal access of information services to all regardless of where they live. Sarah Sutherland of McMillan (where I work) published a paper about potential strategies to hiring librarians in these communities. Some of the common sense strategies for employers include helping spouses of new hires get jobs in the community.

If you are interested in some of the challenges facing rural libraries, see the report Regional Libraries Across Canada: A Kaleidoscope of Services and Governance Structures by Ann Curry, Suzanne Green, and Jessica O’Neill (2004). I found the report Small and Rural Libraries Discussion Paper  (2007) to be a fascinating read, as it compared statistics across countries. Go Finland for the highest number of library visits per capita for region serviced!

I would love to hear firsthand from those in small, rural, county or regional libraries about the joys of their work and the challenges as well.

– Brenda


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  1. Thanks for pointing us to Sarah’s article – I really enjoyed reading it. She’s got some creative ideas that I’d never considered before.

    I wrote an article on the same topic for Feliciter a few years ago, called “When Distance Gets in the Way: Barriers to Recruitment in Rural and Remote Libraries” (it’s on page 54 of this issue: http://bit.ly/wwF0pH)

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