New developments in law library collections


I’ve written in the past about how important I think it is to belong to a professional association. I have two favourites, the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL-ACBD), and SLA. One of the benefits of belonging to an association is the opportunity to serve, by getting involved in committees. I’m on the Vendor Liaison Committee with CALL, which forces me to pay attention to various initiatives that publishers may be undertaking. One of the areas I’m paying close attention to is ebooks.

I’m not a huge fan of ebooks, yet, although Brenda is. I just got an iPad2 (insert “happy dance” here), and while it’s definitely great for reading, I haven’t got around to downloading any books yet (I’m too busy using it to watch my favourite tv shows!). But in my law library, the publishers have been offering ebooks for some time, with some formats more successful than others. I hope legal publishers will pay attention to  Jean O’Grady‘s recent post on ebooks. I especially love her closing line:

 I fear that — at least in the law firm environment,– eBooks  may be destined to become the “8-track tape” of the 21st century.

~ Karen


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