Advice on library job hunting


I came across this series of posts on A Modern Hypatia called Job Hunting Retrospective: Index. The author, Jennifer, has written in great detail the story of her search for a library job. She talks about what she was looking for in a job, where she found job postings, the template she created for applying for jobs, as well as things that worked and didn’t work. I especially loved her positive attitude – she sent out over 140 applications and it took just over a year before she got an offer.

If you’re job hunting right now, I highly recommend this series. And don’t give up!

~ Karen


2 Responses to “Advice on library job hunting”

  1. 1 Brenda W.

    Awesome post as I like really detailed notes on clothing for interview. More than just “wear a suit” which I have avoid. I l prefer blouse and skirt, or sweater and skirt combo. They key is to radiate confidence.

    And I love, love Corporette blog for female professionals about dressing appropriately. Who knew there could be 6 black conservative tote bags at different price ranges?

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely compliments! My hope is that it’s useful to other people, since there’s so much advice out there, that yet avoids a bunch of practical questions I kept hearing people ask about.

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