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Federated searching that works well and a great display at University of Calgary Library. Federated searching is not new and perhaps about 10 years old now. But I ran some simple search strategies through the catalogue, which can search the libraries, museum, and archives. Users have the ability to limit results by content type or […]

I came across this series of posts on A Modern Hypatia┬ácalled Job Hunting Retrospective: Index. The author, Jennifer, has written in great detail the story of her search for a library job. She talks about what she was looking for in a job, where she found job postings, the template she created for applying for […]

As someone who has undergone personal and professional changes recently, I nod my head in agreement to the idea of that growth comes from hard times that have passed. Hat tip to Teresa Austin for the headline. I was inspired by Teresa’s words about life┬ábeing defined by cyclical changes. If I am in turmoil right […]