The KM Journey – Part 1


My last post was about how I am trying to create a knowledge management strategy in my position at a new firm. I’ve been at Tapper Cuddy LLP since the middle of March, and I am slowly getting to know the firm members and the contents of the library.

One of the comments my column received was from my colleague, Shaunna Mireau, Library and Knowledge Management Director at Field Law LLP. She said to get to know the firm first, before determining what to create in a knowledge management strategy. This is excellent advice whenever you start a new position. During one of my field placements, I was told to shelf read my collection to get a feel for the needs of the organization. I’ve started shelf reading here, and to my surprise, I came across the title “Knowledge Management and the Smarter Lawyer” by Gretta Rusanow. I guess I’m not the only one interested in KM! I’ve pulled that one out for my own personal reading.

Another comment pointed me to another book, The New Edge in Knowledge, by Carla O’Dell and Cindy Hubert. I promptly purchased this book and started reading it the other day. I have found my guide! Along with the book, the New Edge in Knowledge website offers resources to supplement it.

My first step will be to review the firm’s strategic plan, and determine what knowledge will need to be captured in order to achieve those goals. I have started reading Ch. 2, “A Call to Action”. One of the resources available on the website is the  knowledge map template.  I will play around with the templates to help me locate the critical knowledge hidden with my firm, and how we can make it available to others.

I’m looking forward to this project. While it will be a challenge for me, I feel I’ve been able to tap into some good supports to make it more concrete.

~ Karen Sawatzky


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