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The days of manuals are long gone. Some random observations of teaching adults are that they learn best by doing, not watching. Showing a busy professional how to get information, if her secretary is away, is a real life application which will resonate with them. Lastly adults are different learners than kids because they are […]

I often think about my special library experience, which has parallels to school libraries. Recently I discussed the pros and cons of satellite libraries, as I was thinking of rural school libraries without full time staff. Elizabeth Nelson wrote  “Learning from Public and School Librarians” in Information Outlook Vol. 15 No. 3 April/May 2011 issue […]

My last post was about how I am trying to create a knowledge management strategy in my position at a new firm. I’ve been at Tapper Cuddy LLP since the middle of March, and I am slowly getting to know the firm members and the contents of the library. One of the comments my column received […]