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Public libraries are like mom and apple pie. They are a good thing and a concept we all hold dear. But what are the hard numbers about how people use the library or how much they support the public library? Over at the M Word blog, Kathy Dempsey posted on’s infographic about exactly these […]

I had 3 meetings today but I am trying to find 2 hours every week to reflect on achievable goals for my library team. As a library technician with extensive experience with the library catalogue, I have busy year ahead of us weeding print resources while we consolidate collections. Gulp where am I going to find 2 […]

I won’t be attending SLA 2011 this year, but the tweets are starting to make me wish I were! If you’re thinking of attending a conference and need help financing it, check this post for some useful pointers. On top of financing from your employer, various professional associations offer grants based on need or sometimes just on […]

People tend to be more visual than text based, and here’s a nifty example of creative minds mashing up LinkedIn data as a map. This appealing visualization tool allows anyone with a Linkedin account to map their professional ties and is a great way to understand the relationship patterns between you and your entire set […]