Future ready libraries


My latest post on Slaw is up. What will your library look like in 2030?

~ Karen


One Response to “Future ready libraries”

  1. A similar set of questions was asked at a recent internet governance forum, and I presume at the National forum in Ottawa, that alas I wasn’t able to attend. It was aimed at internet access, but at stake is really a suitable flow or infrastructure for information, that in fact affects us all, be it students, lawyers, homeowners, renters, or people trying to live in subsidised housing. The onus in that debate seemed to be that it was up to governments to be ‘future ready’. But of course, they rarely do anything proactively, and it is up to the citizenry to identify crises, organise and ultimately inform governments how to proceed. I’m thinking one of the best ways to be future ready is to keep the discussions going, and ensure that they are continued at all levels.

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