Are you future ready?


I’ve been following the Future Ready posts at SLA and one in particular really resonated with me: Anythinkers: Part Wizard, Part Genius, Part Explorer by Pam Sandlian Smith. It’s about using disruption as a new way to unearth opportunities. In the staid world of libraries, what a refreshing thought!

Instead of designing a library for books, we designed a library for idea people.  A place for people to connect, interact, discover, even play with information.  Playing with ideas, creating a place to think, discover and honor one’s inherent sense of creativity required a rethinking of our roles and responsibilities.

Have you thought about designing your library differently? I try making little changes, like moving the furniture around to be more welcoming and conducive to collaboration, putting up signage to make finding things easier. Wouldn’t it be fun, though, to really disrupt things and make a big change!

~ Karen


2 Responses to “Are you future ready?”

  1. Have you read the following. I have to confess, I haven’t but I had flagged it for future perusal.

    Bassett, Dawn, Brooke B. Scott, and Jenny Fry. Facelifts for Special Libraries: A Practical Guide for Revitalising Diverse Physical and Digital Spaces. Oxford: Chandos Pub, 2010. Print.

    Dawn works locally for SLA WCC.

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