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I have been thinking about why people go to the corporate library in this digital world. As people are social beings, that aspect of our human nature might be lost in the race to go digital. Again and again I was struck a common theme during a law library tour in Toronto last fall. Students […]

I thought I would go to Podcamp Toronto 2011 which is an unconference. It is described as a gathering of the new media community over a two-day conference February 26 and 27. It features a diverse group of participants, who are amateur and professional content creators and communicators. This includes people from different areas of […]

I’ve been following the Future Ready posts at SLA and one in particular really resonated with me: Anythinkers: Part Wizard, Part Genius, Part Explorer by Pam Sandlian Smith. It’s about using disruption as a new way to unearth opportunities. In the staid world of libraries, what a refreshing thought! Instead of designing a library for […]

(apologies to Elements of Style / William J. Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White) A writer’s task is to communicate whether they are bloggers, university students or lawyers. The form and content varies in each type of writing, but communicating clearly and precisely is fundamental to the writer’s task. The writer needs an engaged reader, but […]