Observe then Analyze


My friends know I don’t make new year’s resolutions as it is hard to change habits and the resolutions set us up for a fall. They tend not to be small and incremental. If you have done job evaluations, you know about SMART objectives for measuring performance or project management.

But I do think we all need a dose of slowing down and paying attention to the effects of our behaviour. If I am stressed and frustrated or barking at my team members, I may not be aware of the consequences of my negative behaviour.  People tend to remember anger, frustration and negative emotional events very strongly, more so than positive events.

But what about my small triumphs throughout the upcoming months? Peter Bregman blogs that “…we often do many things right and then fail to repeat them. He reminds us to make a note of what we did right, why they happened and repeat the pattern. To reflect on my day’s events and evaluate “what do I plan to do — differently or the same — tomorrow?” is stepping back and observing, refocusing on details of the big picture, and acting on positive events.

Some managers like to get their hands dirty and the front line, and this may be their strength. Others like my department head Ted Tjaden is great at communicating changes, spreading information on current trends or sharing feedback. Those skills engender goodwill, develop trust within an organization, and build a solid reputation for a library and knowledge management department.

Also have a read through the many insightful comments at the end of Bregman’s blog post.

– Brenda


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