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I love singer Holly Cole and I think I read long ago she was learning to play the drums. Why do something crazy like that? It was a creative release and very personal, without musicians judging her. As librarians we are not a group known for innovation, despite our solid reputation. Before I say “I […]



Yesterday, I attended a town hall meeting on the future of CLA, the Canadian Library Association. CLA is in a major crisis. Membership has declined drastically, which means funding has too. Operations have been slashed to bare bones. CLA leaders are now turning to the library community to determine how to proceed. The meeting was […]

My friends know I don’t make new year’s resolutions as it is hard to change habits and the resolutions set us up for a fall. They tend not to be small and incremental. If you have done job evaluations, you know about SMART objectives for measuring performance or project management. But I do think we […]

I can’t remember what year I learned about Project Gutenberg, but I decided to see how active the digital library/archive is. And they are active supporting ebook formats for everything from PC, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, and Android devices with over 30,000 books. Each record in Gutenberg has QR codes and links to Twitter. […]