2010 Clawbie Selections


Well, it’s that time of year again, and I’ve left it a little to the last minute. There are so many great law blogs out there, it’s really getting hard to choose. There are all the heavy hitters, like Jordan Furlong, Slaw, and Connie Crosby who do great work year in and year out and deserve a perpetual award. Here are some of the people I’ve been following this year.

Thanks to the newly-revised Canadian Law Blogs List, I’ve been able to easily review a few newbies to the law blog scene. One I”d like to mention is Matrimonial Matters, a group blog by the members of the Burger Rowe Family Law group. Not only is the content relevant, but the authors inject personality along with the facts. I especially like the catchy titles: “Finding the Proverbial Lipstick on his Collar”, Separation – The Sequel, and I will Survive being a few that jumped out at me. I liked how all the members of the team have published biographies on the About page, an easy way to help readers determine the authority of the posts.

David Whelan’s Finding Legal Information is a must read for anyone who, like me, provides support to articling students and junior associates. David’s tech tips are invaluable for those of us who prefer java in a cup, preferably with cream and sugar. While I’ll never be mistaken for a help desk technician, I appreciate being able to at least follow the conversation, even if I can’t contribute to it.

Michel-Adrien Sheppard’s Library Boy always keeps me up to date on legislation as well as the latest resources from the library of the Supreme Court of Canada. A couple of years ago, I visited the Supreme Court library, to meet with my mentor, Rosalie Fox. One of my highlights was meeting “Library Boy” in person. Whether on Slaw or Library Boy, Michel-Adrien always has something to say that I should be listening to.

I want to make a special mention for Erik Magraken and his BC Injury Law and ICBC Claims blog. Erik has made me look brilliant with one of my lawyers, and for that, Erik, I humbly thank you.

I’d also like to nominate 3 Geeks and  Law Blog for “Friends of the North”. I’ve been following the Geeks for a couple of years, off and on, but in the past year, they’ve gone from the occasional post to must-read status on my part. Despite being American (and based in Texas, to boot) I’ve found their posts to be well-written, interesting and relevant. And I much anticipate each weekly elephant post.

A big thank you must go out to Steve Matthews for putting this together and actually making the selections.

Good luck to all the nominees!

~ Karen


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  1. 1 B Wong

    I did not know about David Whelan’s Finding Legal Information blog. A nice companion to his book. And agreed about 3 Geeks and Law Blog which has bumped up to a must read.

    Also, despite some occasional thoughts about shutting down our blog, I am glad we are still at it and writing substantial posts which makes us better library professionals. For a thoughtful piece on why to write a blog, see lawyer Mark Herrman on if his blog contributed to rainmaking. http://www.geeklawblog.com/2010/12/why-blogs-dont-make-rain.html

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