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Brenda and I are both big supporters of life-long learning. Brenda recently wrote about a copyright course she took, and I’m in the middle of a course in Adult Learning Strategies for Information Professionals, taught by Rebecca Jones of Dysart & Jones. (I imagine Rebecca would prefer to say she is “facilitating” this course, rather than teaching it.) I first met Rebecca at the SLA 2009 conference in Washington, DC where she led a session on critical thinking. I left with a lot of good ideas to chew on.

So when I saw this course was being offered, I jumped at the chance to take it. I’ve been meaning to put together a workshop on correct legal citation for our legal assistants, but haven’t got around to it (too many more urgent things to do, I guess). I figured this course will force me to do it, and so far, it’s succeeding.

We’re halfway through the program, and so far I have learned about ways of reaching adult learners, as well as the different types of learners. I’ve drafted an outline of my design, and I’m contemplating exactly what materials and resources I’ll need to complete it. Next week’s class will have a section on how to deal with difficult participants – I can hardly wait (not!). Every group has someone in it who cannot see anything good about being there. I have taken courses myself where those individuals have hijacked the the session and made it extremely uncomfortable for everyone. While I hope not to meet anyone like that, knowing how to deal with that kind of personality will be very useful.

So much of our work can be task-driven, so it’s nice to do something that requires a little creativity and brain work. I may even share the results, if I’m feeling generous!

~ Karen


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  1. 1 B Wong

    I guess both comediens/comediennes and library facilitators have the same task of minimizing the interrruption and hijacking of difficult learners or audience members. Haha..how many times can you put 2 un-alike things like that together in life?

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