We’re going through a revisioning process at my firm, trying to determine what we stand for. It’s a hugely complicated affair, rife with all the competing messages that a group of 60 individuals can bring to it. Plus, they’re lawyers, and change is very hard for them.

I can sense the frustration of our new marketing guy as he hears the refrain, “We’re lawyers, and lawyers don’t do that.” I knew I was going to be up against that sort of a roadblock when I started here, so I made a conscious decision to work on the new arrivals. Each set of summer and articling students has had my personal attention to help them get started in the practice of law, and I’ve been able to persuade them to do things my way.

I write a ton about the importance of adding value to your work, and I follow my own advice, but my firm isn’t hearing me. So now I’m going to get right in their face and tell them: this is what I did and this is the result.

My new tagline? “I make you look brilliant.”

~ Karen


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