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Smartphones and sewing machines in the same sentence? Read on about patent thicket or patent wars of competing sewing machines in 1800s. As I have a soft spot for sewing, I appreciated this post. – Brenda Advertisements

Old and new ideas sometimes come together in a smooth blend. Vicki Whitmell wrote about building leadership skills and how it is different from being a manager in TALL Quarterly (membership only) from the Toronto Association of Law Libraries. Once  I held the position of the library manager, but it was short-lived and I needed […]

My latest post on Slaw is up today – Access to Justice, Prairie Style. It’s about the Legal Help Centre, a new initiative in Winnipeg to reach out to those who need help, whether it’s making a claim in Small Claims Court, trying to represent themselves in family court, or just having trouble with a […]



We’re going through a revisioning process at my firm, trying to determine what we stand for. It’s a hugely complicated affair, rife with all the competing messages that a group of 60 individuals can bring to it. Plus, they’re lawyers, and change is very hard for them. I can sense the frustration of our new […]

I was directed to this series of posts via @rebeccajonesgal on Twitter: Susan Lipsey on Knowledge Professionals. Part 1 is titled “Do our clients know who we are?” Part 2 is: “Defining our Value”. Part 3 is Measuring our Performance and Part 4 is Good Enough? I like how Susan focuses on relationship-building as opposed […]

It has been a good news/bad news scenario for Jane Doe in California. If you live in Palo Alto, you could pop into a patient health library and get some accurate info instead of trawling around the Internet to find out possible claims about goji berries and their efficacy. The wow factor is that this […]

I am presenting highlights of the Research Overview of US Law Research session by Jeanette Bosschart, Great Library, Law Society of  Upper Canada and Clare Mauro, Torys, on September 16, 2010. It was refreshing to hear Bosschart talk about reasons that US law initially can fall outside the comfort zone of Canadian law librarians, as […]