I hate Powerpoint presentations normally, when I am researching for legal topics from seminars for lawyers. But my manager Katharine Thompson has been experimenting with PechaKucha, which takes advantage of PowerPoint’s strengths. It is an effective use of PowerPoint slides with 1 image per theme or thought. The format consists of 20 slides shown in 6 minutes and 40 seconds or 20 seconds per slide. So there are some tricky timing issues to synchronize speech with image. It is a fast-paced presentation meant to engage the audience visually and illustrate points, rather than bombard them with bullet points.

Thompson gave an overview of new developments to a group of lawyers. She spoke about things like an upgrade to Windows (image of windows). It might sound kind of corny but the visuals really drive home the point and emphasize themes. It was an engaging talk. Typically it can take about 6 hours to make a set of PechaKucha slides. Also it is one huge image and this heavily visual format is not suitable for technical information. Some PK presentations have included music too. Thompson learned about PechaKucha at the 2010 American Association of Law Libraries. I see that the Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association’s conference in October 2010 also features a similar talk.

To read more and see more, here are some good links:

PechaKucha basics and groups around the world

See YouTube PechaKuch training bite or just type in pecha kucha in the Youtube search.

A sample of PechaKucha in action


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  1. 1 Karen

    I hadn’t heard about this – looks very interesting! I’ve seen presentations using the format but with PPT. I’ll have to investigate the links you left!

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